Private Housing

Supported Residential Services

What is it?

Supported residential services (SRS) are privately operated businesses that provide supported accommodation to people who need help with everyday activities. Each SRS determines the services it offers and its fee structure

Who can apply?

An SRS is appropriate for persons who have a physical or mental health condition and require support with daily living tasks. An SRS is not appropriate for persons who are able to live independently.

Generally they are consistent in the services they provide but can differ slightly in terms of the complexity of needs of people they accommodate so it is important to speak with the manager. Each SRS differs in the fees they charge.

SRS’s are usually very expensive. It is very unlikely that a person on Newstart is able to afford an SRS.

How do I apply?

Contact SRS to inquire about vacancies and possibility of referral. Here is the Victoria State Government’s list of SRS’s as found on SRS List Victoria

SRS’s may vary in their referral process so it is essential to clarify this at first contact. In general, each SRS has their own application form, which they provide.

It is important to inspect SRS with client prior to acceptance of offer to ensure that client is able to make informed decision about accommodation.


  • Often SRS’s have visiting GPs, nurses and other clinical and community services which a resident can access if they need to.
  • Every resident has a support plan that relates to their health and personal support needs.
  • SRS’s are appropriate for people that have difficulty with activities of daily living (ADL’s), due mental health and/or physical disability.
  • An SRS is usually staffed 24 hours/ 7 days a week and provides support during the day and 3 meals a day.


  • SRS’s are expensive and rent is usually more than $700+ per fortnight for a single room.
  • SRS’s are not specific mental health or disability support facilities and staff are not case workers, but can be supportive within the home.
  • SRS provides support with basic living skills which can be confronting if a person is used to living independently. It can have a significant and negative impact on an individual’s mental health if this accommodation is inappropriate. It is very important to consider other options prior to considering an SRS.