Private Housing

Shared Private Rental

What is it?

Shared housing is when several people share a rental property and each contribute to rent determining how they see fit. For example, one tenant might pay more because they have a larger room. This is up to tenants. A client can move into an existing share house or start a share house.

There are different types of tenancy arrangements within shared housing; the payment of bills and rent is managed by tenants and not the landlord or property manager.

Who can apply?

There are not strict eligibility criteria for shared housing, and the decision is usually made by existing tenants with approval of landlord. In some cases, people sublet rooms without permission however there is a risk of eviction as they do not have limited rights without being on lease agreement.

Note: Shared private rental is a preferable option for people living on Newstart allowance as it is possible to find shared rental under $185 per week. On Newstart allowance, this is the highest rent one can usually afford if they want to receive rent assistance allowances.

How do I apply?

Someone can initiate a shared house and would apply in the same way they would for private rental.

They can look online or in the newspaper for people who are also looking to share.

These are two popular Australian websites, as an example:


Also see information on Getting Bond, Getting Rent in Advance and Not Eligible for Office of Housing Bond Loan.


  • Rent is relatively affordable for people on Centrelink income
  • Some have high turnover and there is availability of housing on short notice
  • Share houses are usually fully furnished
  • The utilities are usually included in rent
  • Share houses are generally more accessible to people that have limited rental references


  • Residents will often want to interview people to find the right fit of person and this is can be difficult if someone has complex issues.
  • Share houses don’t usually have a lot of privacy due to living in close quarter and a lot of responsibility rests with tenants to share bills, pay their contribution to rent on time etc.