Private Housing

Caravan Parks

What is it?

Caravan Parks are made up private moveable/portable units that people are able to rent out on a temporary or permanent basis.

Who can apply?

All caravan parks charge rent so a person will need to be on Centrelink Income or working wage. Rent is usually $185 - $250 per week.

Caravan Parks don’t often have strict eligibility criteria; first come, first serve, and preferred applicant will be successful. There is a high demand so some caravan parks have waiting lists.

How do I apply?

Applying for caravan park accommodation is a lot like applying for private rental. You will need to submit a Caravan Park application form (each caravan park have their own application form). You must include:

  • Copy of photo ID is mandatory
  • Centrelink income statement
  • 100 points of ID
Here is a list of rooming houses in South East: Caravan Park List (the source of this list is unknown. Some modifications to the content have been made to the original content).


  • Rent is relatively affordable for people on Centrelink income
  • Some have high turnover and there is availability of housing on short notice
  • Caravan park units are usually fully furnished
  • The utilities are usually included in rent
  • Caravan parks are generally more accessible to people that have limited rental references.


  • Due to limited affordable housing stock and high demand, some Caravan Parks now have a waiting lists
  • Some caravan parks have a reputation for being unsafe and having a high prevalence of drug related issues
  • The units don’t usually have a lot of privacy because units are often side by side with limited fencing or separation between them.