Social Housing

Aboriginal Housing

What is it?

Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) is a not-for-profit registered Housing Provider and is the largest Aboriginal housing organisation in Australia.

AHV manages 1,525 properties in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The properties they manage are long-term and affordable housing (similar to office of housing).

Who can apply?

The person must have:

Proof of Aboriginality. Aboriginality can be confirmed a number of ways:

  1. Provision of certificate of Aboriginality
  2. Demonstrate links to, or is recognised by Aboriginal community
  3. Is known to the organization to be an Aboriginal person

If a proof of Aboriginality certificate is needed, contact DDACL (Dandenong and District Aborigines Co-operative Ltd) and theycan point you in the right direction.

The applicant must have Centrelink Income or not earn more than limit set out by DHHS.

AHV outlines income restrictions here.

How do I apply?

An Aboriginal housing application form needs to be completed and sent to AHV. You can access the application on their website.


  • Rent is more affordable because it is subsidized.
  • It is long-term housing; a tenant is able to stay there permanently unless they are evicted for breaching lease agreement.


  • Long waiting list! As a result, it can take a long time from when you apply to get an offer.
  • Limited choice about area; you cannot choose a specific suburb or area, but you can choose a wait-list area. For example, if I would like to have a house in Mornington and list that as a preference area, I can be offered a house in any of the other suburbs that fall within that waiting list area. Mornington's waitlist area is quite large so I might get a house in Tootgarook.
  • The property a person is eligible for and will be offered will depend on needs not preferences. An applicant cannot apply for a house with extra bedrooms unless they can provide evidence of why they need it (e.g. dependent/carer).