Moving Out Checklist

It all happens very quickly. Write down a ‘to-do-list’ of all the important stuff to get done straight away.

Here are some things to keep in mind when moving out.

  • Get quotes for a removalist. You can access funding through Opening Doors for removals however you need to bring them at last 2 separate quotes and they will try contribute to some of it.
  • Advise Centrelink of change in address. You need to bring a copy of your new lease to Centrelink and they will issue a new card with new address.
  • Rent assistance: Centrelink also need to be advised so they can arrange for appropriate rent assistance to be issued.
  • Centrepay: Stop all automatic deductions for that property, and transfer details to new property
  • Utilities: You can keep the same provider or look at new providers. Ensure that you set up your gas and electricity a few days before moving in a few days before they can get it running.
  • Redirect mail through Australia Post (you can start changing your addresses a little later)
  • What furniture do you need? Do you need anything once you move into your new property? It would be good to contact Material Aid providers.