Public Housing Toolkit

1) Is Public Housing Appropriate?

Consider eligibility to public housing, and check online prior to looking at applications.

Is it the right time to be applying for public housing? There is a long waiting list for public housing regardless of whether someone is on a priority list or not. It will not be immediately available so it’s important not to promise or guarantee that this will be available soon. Prioritize short and medium-term housing options first if a person is homeless or at risk of homelessness.

2) Can I apply for priority?

Depending on the applicants’ situation, they can apply to be placed on a priority waiting list.

There are 2 levels of priority;

  1. Early Housing
    Early housing is the second highest level and a person can apply for this if their housing is insecure. The insecurity might because of their physical / mental health or other factors such as safety, affordability, or the needs of a dependant etc. You can check by going through the early housing form or contacting nearest DHHS office.
  2. Homeless with Support.
    Homeless with support is the highest level of priority, and in order to apply a person must be in crisis or transitional accommodation or homeless.

Here is a pyramid diagram that you could use to try explain the process to clients.

In order to apply for either priority level, the individual must be supported by an organization that is registered to deliver this service (they will have what is known as an ‘EPRIN number

E.g. sleeping rough, squatting, couch-surfing, transitional housing, crisis-supported accommodation, and refuges.

The following documents are from the DHHS site:

**If housing is insecure due to physical and mental health, the applicant will need to have a GP complete an additional application called ‘Special accommodation requirements’ application in addition to the early housing application?

3) Submitting the application.

Read through fine print carefully and ensure that all relevant documents are attached.

Call Office of housing if you have issues with application however

3) Check, check, check.

Read all the print carefully and ensure you’ve filled out all relevant sections.

All applications are processed through Moe in Victoria. If a section is filled out incorrectly, they will send it back for it to be filled out correctly. All this takes time, and a person will not be placed on the waitlist until the application is processed completely.