Homelessness Guides

There are a number of existing guides in the community to assist people experiencing homelessness.

The Helping Out Booklet
This booklet was produced by City of Melbourne and contains services and maps to assist people experiencing homeless to find appropriate services.

Askizzy is a national online service directory of community and support services. It is managed by infoxchange.

Human Services directory
The HSD is an online database of community and disability services in Victoria. You can find a list of housing/homelessness services by area.

Eastern Resource Guide
The Eastern Resource Guide contains resources, tools and information for mental health clinicians in the Eastern Region. It was produced by Eastern Health and tailored to mental health clinicians in the Eastern region, to assist them providing support to client experiencing homelessness.

Frankston Rooming House Guide
The guide is a service directory for people living in rooming houses in Frankston. It was published online by The Peninsula Model for Primary Health Planning.