Getting Rent in Advance

In order to secure a rental you need to provide Rent in Advance and Bond.

There are a few places you can get assistance.

1. Opening Doors

Opening Doors Services provide financial assistance for Rent in Advance. This assistance is called ‘Housing Establishment Fund’ or HEF. Find your nearest Opening Doors services by area.


  • Check eligibility; people can do this by calling and providing basic information. They will advise that client needs to attend service for face-to-face assessment, but they may be able to give you some information over the phone.
  • Have bond approved; Before Opening Doors provide any $$, a person needs to show that they have secured bond for the property. A person can access bond through Office of housing or see if a person is not eligible for a bond loan.
  • Save up; Upon assessment, Opening Doors may provide 1 to 2 weeks of rent in advance (4 weeks is needed). It is important for person to save up before applying to rental. Financial assistance is also not guaranteed because funding is limited. Sometimes these services actually have no HEF $ until the start of new month.
  • What should you bring? When attending you must provide bond approval letter and letter from real-estate agent confirming you have been accepted for the property.

2. Housing Choices

Housing Choices can assist with Rent in Advance if person is on Disability Support Pension. Call and inquire.

    3. Women's Housing

    Women’s Housing can assist with Rent in Advance however you need to call between 9am-9.30am due to demand for HEF funding.

      4. Ozanam Community Centre

      Ozanam Community Centre in North Melbourne has an Initial Assessment and Planning service for people with complex needs. They have HEF funding that is not limited to catchment areas however it is very important person comes in to do assessment. Funding is not necessarily guaranteed as they have only small amount.

        5. Check Specific Services for Specific Needs

        This section includes a lot of services that provide housing and financial assistance for ATSI, LGBTI, Mental health, Asylum Seekers/ Refugees, Domestic Violence, Youth, Aged, Disability, AOD, and Women.