Common Problems


Do you keep applying and getting knocked back?
Are you ‘black-listed?’

1 | What does ‘blacklisted’ mean?

Being ‘black-listed’ for rentals, means that you have been placed on the National Tenancies Database

Tenancy databases are used by agents and landlords to check whether their tenants have had any problems with rentals in the past. If you’ve never breached your rental contract, it is unlikely that you will be listed. If you are on the list, agents may be reluctant to consider you as a tenant.

The reasons you might be listed is

  • Not paying rent
  • Damaging a property

2 | How do I find out whether I am or not?

Before being placed on the list, real-estate agents are obliged to inform you that they are going to put you on the list.

If you’re not sure, you may be able to find out through an Opening Doors Service.

TIP - In Frankston, Salvocare East can look up whether you are blacklisted. You need to provide them with 100pts of ID (call and ask them if you don’t have this). They will run a check for free and let you know.

There are a few things you can do to avoid being listed after they have given you notice. Please take a look at this great fact sheet by Tenants Union.