Housing Guide

A guide to assisting clients with housing needs for community service workers.

A housing resource guide for community workers that are supporting people at risk or experiencing homelessness.

Types of Accommodation

Information pertaining to accommodation options for people at risk, or experiencing homelessness, including social and private housing.

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Specific Needs and Services

A an overview of services that provide support around housing, social inclusion and health for people with specific needs. Including ATSI, Aged, Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Carers, Disability, Domestic Violence, LGBTIQ, Mental Health, Women, and Youth,

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Housing Services and Advocacy

Services that provide information about tenant rights and responsibilities, that assist client moving in or out of an accommodation. Including Homelessness Services, Housing Information and Advocacy, and Housing Contacts.

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Resource Library

Handy tool kits, mini-manuals and list of material aid suppliers to use when assisting your clients with specific housing issues. Including Assisting clients with Pets, Blacklisted, Hoarding, Not Eligible for Office of Housing Bond, Homelessness Toolkit, and more.

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