National Tenancy Database The National Tenancy Database is a database that contains information pertaining to rental history of a person. The list is managed by private companies.
Opening Doors Service An entry point into homelessness housing services that provides assessment and connection to support services for those vulnerable to or experiencing homelessness.
Housing Establishment Fund This fund is a program designed to assist agencies in supporting those vulnerable to or experiencing homelessness in accessing private housing or short-term accommodation.
Salvocare East A community based service providing a wide range of support services, including crisis accommodation to vulnerable people.
Bond Is a one-off, upfront security deposit held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority. The bond is paid by the tenant and held as security against damage for the landlord who lets the property.
Bond application (office of housing) An application to the Office of Housing for assistance in paying the Bond to secure accommodation.
VCAT The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hears and settles on legal cases involving civil and administrative disputes.
Tenants advocate (legal) They represent the tenant and deal with the rental agency or landlord in legal matters.
WAYSS Ltd Primary entry point for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness as well as an advocacy and support services to those involved in public housing property.
WAYSS Ltd Frankston Is a primary entry point for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. They provide access to accommodation among over support services related to homelessness.
EPRIN External Party Register Identification Number. This reference number is allocated by the Department of Health and Human Services to services working to rehouse homeless people.
Independent Support Package (ISP) DHHS provided support package for those requiring ongoing disability related support. An eligibility criterion applies. The application process can be lengthy.
Consumer Affairs Consumer Affairs Victoria addresses an individual’s rights, responsibilities and guidance where to seek assistance and how to resolve disputes.
HEF Housing Establishment Fund is provided by certain homelessness housing and support agencies to assist in accessing and continuing private rental housing options or crisis accommodation for those eligible. This fund can also support relocation.